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Dec 02 2016

FF: Dogging Clamps

Category: Egress,Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:45 am Comments (15)

When iDigHardware first began, it was called iHateHardware for all of the architects who have had past projects where hardware problems resulted in scheduling headaches and cost overruns.  In the beginning, a good day saw 50ish visitors to the website, most of whom probably knew me personally (like my mom).  This year we celebrated 1 million visits to the site since its inception and some other amazing milestones, so the site has become more widely known in the hardware industry and beyond.  Some architects have even told me that they don’t hate hardware so much any more.

And now I KNOW iDigHardware has hit the big time, since today’s Fixed-it Friday photo was taken by John Conover, retired global president of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, and was sent to me by Tim Eckersley, president of Allegion.  Not to name-drop, but when the executive leadership team starts noticing and sharing oddball hardware applications, it warms my heart.  😀


15 Responses to “FF: Dogging Clamps”

  1. Charles a says:

    Fantastic the sight keeps growing!!

    You have saved be lots of time, trying to figure out if I have a problem or not.

    Maybe the global president does not have to say anymore,,,, what did Lori post a picture of now??

    Thank you for all your work.

  2. Cathy Kopp says:

    You have arrived!

  3. Keith B. says:

    The ‘Chicken Riggies’ looks good, I’ll have that.

  4. Krystina says:

    Hey, at least this solution doesn’t damage the panic device. Additionally, can anyone tell me what that bolt-thingy with the zip tie on it near the hinge is? Totally confused.

  5. WSM says:

    Yes Lori, congratulations on a very popular connection to the vastly complex & awe inspiring world of hardware. Your lite hearted yet informative approach to this area of interest has become a joy every Friday. The funny situations & clever anecdotes reflecting the human nature of things is quite entertaining. I commend you on your efforts & look forward to its continuance. Have a safe & joyous holiday season.

    PS. Thank you again for your recent help in solving my recent quirky hardware issue too.

  6. Louise says:

    I’ll have the Salmon Piccata, and what’s the green thing on the right?

  7. LachSr says:

    Well, that sure beats sticking a hex key into the hole to dog it open!

  8. Paul N says:

    Congratulations on the success of your website!

  9. Mike Elia says:

    I’m WAY less concerned about the clamps vs the glass that is likely to get pushed when someone tries to push the device. It really doesn’t look like a ‘tempered glass’ setup to me… LOL

    And very cool hearing from the Allegion boss directly.

  10. Scott Foley says:

    Love it…I used to have clamps like those!!!

  11. Misha Burnett says:

    Why even bother dogging down the device? Look at how far the latch is from the edge of the door. Unless that strike is built pretty far out the latch won’t catch anyway.

  12. Joel Niemi says:

    “help wanted” indeed

  13. Fred Rudiger says:

    GREAT to hear the 1 Million visitors and yes its great when upper managements are looking at hardware they way we do. They need to given the title of HONORARY DOOR HARDWARE GEEK!!!

  14. DAVID FEDERICO says:

    Obviously they either could not find or never had the dogging key . What is it they say about necessity… The mother of all inventions … Lol

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