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Jul 01 2016

FF: Barricade Box

Category: Fixed-it Friday,School SecurityLori @ 12:23 am Comments (15)

Photo: WBTV

NC police sergeant invents device for active shooter survival – WNCN/CBS North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer is hoping a device he invented will be in your child’s school soon. It’s designed to keep active shooters out of classrooms.

It’s a scary thought that no parent wants to think about but, in light of recent attacks, Sergeant Chris Kopp wants you and your kids to plan for an active shooter.

Using Sergeant Kopp’s invention – the Barricade Box – rising 10th grader Hailey Kalsky is able to barricade a classroom door in just seven seconds. It’s different from the lockdown drills she’s practiced in school.

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15 Responses to “FF: Barricade Box”

  1. lach says:

    “The box is mounted to the wall. ANYONE can take the cover off of it to reveal a spool with a special type of rope inside.”

    That in itself is a huge issue.

  2. Lee Francisco says:

    But they do say the product is life safety code compliant.

  3. Cda says:

    Where is the boat??

    Just another device to throw in the box

  4. Michael Pedersen says:

    Another day, another terrible classroom barricade device.

    Which will fail first when a bad guy kicks the door in? The lever handle, or the drywall screws holding that box into the wall? Por que no los dos?

  5. James Slemmons says:

    Same weakness as every other one…how do authorized personnel get in if necessary?

  6. Kyle Williams says:


  7. Sharon says:

    Pretty atrocious looking…. not to mention what temptations that rope might be to an imaginative and perhaps slightly devious student….oh yeah, and plus all the other usual concerns!

  8. Austin B says:

    The website even says “Fire and Life Safety Code Compliant”. smh

  9. Bill C. says:

    Looks perfect for any active shooter who wants to barricade himself in with the students.

  10. Chuck Park says:

    This TV News story also states that the device does not violate the Fire Code:

  11. Mark says:

    Another well intentioned bad idea. Anyone, anytime for any reason can barricade themselves in the room. Locks work. No documented cases of an active shooter breaching a locked classroom door. And locks meet time tested life safety codes and ADA laws.

  12. lach says:

    Kids in my old high school would steal the rope in the first week after it’s installed.

  13. Jim ELder says:

    Lori. Do you have a list with links on all the devices invented for this purpose. I have looked at most all and only saw one that could meet code.

  14. David says:

    Once again another attempt that relies on the strength of the wall it’s attached to. Just like installing a deadbolt lock into a wood frame without the reinforcement strike plate .DO THEY NOT know there are many manufacturers already making Intruder Locks exactly for this application .. Oh I get it they don’t think a child’life is worth more than $49.50 .

  15. Brad G. says:

    Looks like another bad idea. Looks like it should be on a sailboat, nylon rope melts at first sight of fire, backpack or jackets easily catch on the way out of classroom, the list goes on….

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