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Apr 27 2016

WW: Doors in the Corn

Category: Egress,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 12:20 am Comments (5)

In addition to the fact that you’re not supposed to disguise egress doors, those hinges are severely under-engineered for those doors.  Today’s Wordless Wednesday photos sent in by Dave Ilardi of Allegion.

Corn Door 1

Corn Door 2

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5 Responses to “WW: Doors in the Corn”

  1. lach says:

    Can’t help but think of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”

    • Pam says:

      Good one. I was reminded of Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I would not go thru the doors either way…
      “Field of Dreams” would probably be less terrifying.

  2. Bob Monigle says:

    “If you build it….they will exit.”

  3. Eric says:

    I was thinking Cornfield County from Hee Haw. 🙁

  4. Austin B says:

    Wild guess but I bet this is in Indiana!

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