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Mar 11 2016

FF: Backwards Doors

Category: Doors Gone Wrong,Egress,Fixed-it FridayLori @ 10:31 am Comments (9)

Thank you to Chuck Park for sending me the link!

9 Responses to “FF: Backwards Doors”

  1. Bill Partington says:

    I’m not sure what the problem is here. They enter from the outside, the panic hardware is on the inside. What am I missing?

  2. Cda says:

    It has to be right,,, it is Hollywood!!

  3. Bryan McKeehan says:

    I have a screen shot from an episode of South Park with a pair of doors nearly identical to these. I’ll email it to you as I do not see a way to attach it here.

  4. curtis meskus says:

    this goes with the 3 three stooges and water coming out of electrical pipes

  5. Robert says:

    well there are nice 88 series pull handles on the inside to meet Hollywood fire code but no EXIT sign? Are we missing something – LA never allow that…

  6. John Payson says:

    What would code say about the use of those as egress doors if they were not required to be fire rated, all locking or latching mechanisms were permanently disabled, and they served as egress in the direction that would open when pushed? Would the fact that the handles look like they’re supposed to be pulled be considered a code violation if the doors could be readily opened by pushing on them?

    • Lori says:

      Generally, these doors (serving a school corridor) would have to be outswinging. But…if the doors were serving less than 50 people so they didn’t have to be outswinging, and the panics had no latches, and the doors were not fire rated, I still would not like the application. It would be up to the AHJ, but I think putting stationary panic bars on the pull side of a door would be very confusing and could inhibit egress.

      – Lori

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