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Nov 13 2015

FF: Inflate to Escape

Category: News,School Security,VideosLori @ 12:26 am Comments (9)

I know…lots of videos this week.  It’s just a coincidence – not a new trend.  I’ll just leave this right here.

Here’s a link to the company’s website in case you can’t access the video.

9 Responses to “FF: Inflate to Escape”

  1. Joe Hendry says:

    What happens to people on the first floor who are using their windows to escape when the slide comes down on them? Or they can’t get out because they are trapped by the slide deployment from the second floor (or third!). Another probable sincere idea that thinks up to a problem, but doesn’t think about the ramifications of use.

  2. lach says:

    I’m just thinking that as soon as it is installed there will be that “brilliant” child that decides he/she wants to go home down the slide. Plus what if a student falls from the top of the slide in the panic? Nice try, but I think that there should be a limit on these “active gun shooter solutions”. At least this guy was thinking about how to get away instead of our favorite barricade devices trying to keep everyone in. So kudos to him for that.

  3. Krys says:

    Cool theory, and great for planes where there is nothing underneath. Could use some actual rails or a short solid platform w/ rails to prevent falling off at the top. Also, placement would have to be VERY well thought out to avoid windows or other exits below.

  4. Fred Rudiger says:

    I just finished a 4 story high school. I don’t think the slide will really work from the fourth floor and give you any safety. I just can’t see it working on any floor over the second floor. I can see a middle school student pulling the lever to deploy the slide, whoops !! Now Mom and Dad sure have a big bill to pay.

  5. Rhino says:

    Intruder function locksets still are the most sensible solution to thwart intruders, along with a secured perimeter and safety laminated glass. It amazes me at the new products being promoted such as this.

  6. Jeffrey Rapp says:

    Good Lord. Seriously?

  7. Gerald Austin says:

    Just looking at old email. When I was young, let’s say about 60 years ago, slide for life metal tubes were reasonably common. Our local fire chief of the volunteer fire department arranged for a fire drill which involved the slide for life tube. Ever try to force a cat into something it did not want to enter well the drill went badly. The firemen expected the kids to hop right in and slide down just like they would do for a slide. No such luck. It was panic city, with most students refusing to use it. The Chief was successful at getting the school closed, kids relocated and the building was replaced with a modern safe school.

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