On Tuesday I posted some news reports about the effects of a closed door during a fire.  NBC-5 has released a follow-up story on the fact that national fire safety organizations have not been including the message to sleep with your bedroom door closed in their educational materials.  Why not?  I’ve been asking the same question for years!  Their reasons are a little surprising…


Here are a few other recent stories about the value of closed doors…

‘Close the Door’ Campaign saves Lexington apartment complex – WBBJ-7

McCrury said this is a prime example of the state fire marshal’s “Close the Door” campaign. It encourages homeowners to remember to close the door behind them when they leave a fire to prevent the fire from spreading more quickly.

“[Closing the door] stops a lot of fires from progressing, because with doors closed it does not receive fresh air or free oxygen that provides fire as it’s needed,” McCrury said.

“Him closing his apartment door saved the apartments here, absolutely,” Folkman said.


Fire Chief: Closing Bedroom Door At Night Could Save Your Life – CBS Pittsburgh

Fire statistics are staggering in the n the United States.

  • A house fire is reported every 65 seconds.
  • Someone dies in a house fire every 2 hours and 42 minutes.
  • Most fatal fires happen in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping.
  • It’s not the flames that kill you, it’s the toxic smoke.

“One breath is all it takes and it will kill you,” says Beaver Falls Fire Chief Mark Stowe.


Closed bedroom door saves woman from flat fire – Bury Times

Dan Brown, crew manager at Whitefield Fire Station, said: “We think something has accidentally knocked one of the hob rings and caused the fire. The kitchen was destroyed and every sing room, except for the woman’s bedroom was severely smoke damaged. The woman had shut her bedroom door which stopped it from spreading. Every other door in the house was open except for her bedroom. There was so much smoke inside the flat it actually burned the fire out. Unfortunately two cats and parrots perished in the fire.”

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