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Jul 08 2015

WW: Bungee Exit Alarm

I have nothing to say except “thank you to Grah Security for today’s Wordless Wednesday photo.”

Bungee Exit Alarm

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12 Responses to “WW: Bungee Exit Alarm”

  1. Cda says:

    No no no

    It is an automatic door closer !!!!!

  2. Lee Francisco says:

    Bungee cord aside, love that wire loop…

  3. liberty says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of it. What am I missing? Could it be just to keep the paddle out? It wouldn’t matter if the door closer was broken if the lock was activated.

  4. Bryce King says:

    Hope that doesn’t snap when taking a drink from the water fountain

  5. Tony Klagenberg says:

    It’s a high wire training location for resident mice.

  6. Charly Shannon says:

    I hope nobody needs to use the bathroom.

  7. Eric Andrews says:

    I’m concerned with the second (non-bungee) restroom door blocking more than half of the exit door (and all of the exit device) in the fully open position.

  8. David Moyer says:

    The cord does triple duty – keeps both doors closed and keeps you from getting too close to the water fountain when taking a drink.

  9. Fred Collier says:

    I didn’t know your company color was Orange.

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