As promised in Monday’s post, here are some of the doors we saw during our visit to the Bronx Zoo.  Keep your camera ready during your summer vacation and send me some photos of interesting doors that you see (please)!

The original buildings, built at the turn of the 20th century, are really beautiful.  This is the elephant house:

Elephant 1

Elephant House 5

Here’s one of the original super-heavy-duty elephant doors…

Elephant House 2

Elephant House 4

Elephant House 3

Each of the original buildings has sculptures which depict the animals that were originally housed there:

Sculpture - Elephant

Sculpture - Owl

Sculpture - Birds


Sculpture - Monkeys

The Lion House is LEED certified!

Sculpture - Lions

Here’s a door on the Mouse House that illustrates the issues with 2 doors in a series that I wrote about in this month’s Doors & Hardware magazine:

Screen Door

I’m not a fan of pulls used on the push side of doors, and this photo illustrates why.  I was kind of surprised that so many people used the door on the left though.

Pulls on Push Side

This is in the Madagascar section…not sure what’s up with the plexiglass on the doors.

Madagascar 1

Madagascar 2

I really like these push plates and pulls that are batik style…I don’t think the pulls meet the accessibility standards though.  Maybe these were double-acting doors so both sides were actually push plates.

Batik Pulls

When we went through these doors, my daughter said, “Why did they spend so much money on fake mulch to keep kids from falling and getting hurt, and then they put in these doors that could kill someone?”  They don’t call ’em cat-killers for nothin’.


Really pretty gate, but I bet it’s hard to keep it swinging…


This is a nice entrance…

Education 1

As long as only the middle pair is required for egress!

Education 3  Education 2

This nocturnal animal exhibit is almost completely dark and has to meet the requirements for Special Amusement buildings.


This gate leads out of the sea lion enclosure, with the drawbridge to prevent sea lion elopement.

Sea Lion Egress

The Lion House has existing “cage” doors that are permanently fixed in the open position so they have code-compliant egress.

Cat House

I just helped one of our specwriters with a similar application the other day…these doors are on a theater where they show a “4D” animated movie.  There are 3 doors on the other end of the theater that open when the show is over so everyone can exit without mixing with the people waiting to enter.  I think they’re using the exception for key-operated locks here.

4D 1

4D 2  4D 3

I’ve been to Africa quite a few times and I’ve never seen an African door like this, but I guess it fits with the theme.

Africa Door

And finally…I saw these doors in one of the restaurants.  Most of the doors were pairs, but the singles also had surface vertical rod panic hardware.  Anyone have thoughts on why, or whether this is a good idea?

Cafe Doors

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