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Apr 23 2015

Door Security & Safety Foundation on Classroom Safety

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The Door Security & Safety Foundation recently published their position on school safety and classroom barricade devices.  I have added this link to the Schools tab above.

The mission of the Door Security and Safety Foundation (DSSF) is “to promote safe and secure openings that enhance life safety.” DSSF is dedicated to serving the public by advocating for safe openings through awareness, education and research.

Doorway systems are designed to instantly provide life safety or security depending upon the scenario — fire or threat. Accordingly, all proper door assembly designs equip the doorway to meet the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. These intricate codes are met through complicated combinations of door and hardware products. The Life Safety Code appropriately prescribes the applicable balance.

Whether codes evolve in response to events like September 11, from active shooters in schools such as Columbine, or simply from specific industries, governmental authorities or the public, the good news is that they evolve in a time – tested system. The code process vets thousands of proposals in order to identify their impact, as well as to analyze unintended consequences from well-intended proposals.

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One Response to “Door Security & Safety Foundation on Classroom Safety”

  1. Sheldon says:

    Enough, already! Do we really need another special interest/advocacy group? Let’s put all of the code people, and all of the standards people, legislators, and anyone else who has an axe to grind, into a room and let them fight it out. Let’s have a single code, rather than the collection of vague, inconsistent, contradictory, and nonsensical requirements we have now.

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