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Oct 08 2014

WW: School Security

These are egress doors in an occupied school gym.  Luckily they are going to be replaced shortly, but meanwhile, I’m Wordless.


School Security 3d

School Security 2d

School Security

6 Responses to “WW: School Security”

  1. David R. DeFilippo says:

    Meant for a quick escape

  2. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Been there, seen all manner of such stupidity and laziness. Seems they’ll never learn!

  3. Beth says:

    As someone involved in EHS, that’s disturbing. As a mother, that’s terrifying. As both, that’s beyond infuriating.

    You’re right, there truly are no words for this.

  4. Jess says:


    EHS as in Eastside High School near Newark NJ

    hmm, maybe they are getting ready to film a second version of Lean On Me,

    and just like in EHS (lean on me) the school BOE can get in trouble for chaining the doors, espeically if the principal is on the walke talking yelling “code-10, code 10, get those chains off the doors, the fire inspector is here! Code 10!!”

    this is just as bad as the other door barricade device meant for classroom doors with door closers, device can bend/break closer arm or destroy frame.

    I am sure with today’s funding and grants, I am sure it not that hard to get a grant or funding for electromagnetic locks for the entry doors of the school, high school I went to (in NJ, same initials) did, and I had to keep hush about it because many could think that I was talking about jail instead of a regular public township owned school district looking to keep the building secure.


  5. Beth says:

    Ok, I didn’t even realize that acronym was so fitting! I mean EHS as in a Environmental Health & Safety…I’m a chemistry lab manager and building coordinator for the Chemistry/Physics building in a college. Along with that came 6 years involved in design and construction of our building being renovated, and understanding the basics of safety codes (so I can perform hazard assessments and recognize unsafe conditions when I see them).

    I stumbled on Lori’s blog several months ago through Linked In, and it’s really, really interesting to me. Guess I should have been an engineer instead of a chemist!

  6. Jori Smith says:

    I saw the same thing in my high school gymnasium in 1980, the week before graduation. I called the fire marshal, and he was out there within an hour, watching the vice principal remove the chains. I’ve always called it my own version of a senior prank. But these many years later, I now understand that the schools are reacting to hardware that doesn’t do what they need it to do. They need help identifying the problem and fixing it appropriately.

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