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Sep 19 2014

FF: Thru-Wire Hinge

On a thru-wire hinge,  the wires are typically run through the thickness of the hinge leaf.  Like inside of the hinge leaf where you can’t see them.  Not actually through the hinge.  Oh never mind.  You’re doing it wrong.  Again.  😉

Thru-Wire Hinge

Thank you to Steve Murray of Security Lock Distributors for today’s Fixed-it Friday photo!

13 Responses to “FF: Thru-Wire Hinge”

  1. Jen says:

    Today is the very important that we have secure in our house.

  2. Jack says:

    Oh they priced the Real Power transfer Hinges and said to them self “I can make if for Much less”… *lol* cuz that does not look like it will fail! could also have been a wordless Wednesday …Thanks for sharing. 😛 🙂

  3. Jim Heberlein says:

    Awesome! Looks like it might be a spring hinge too. Maybe the thru-wire hinge is on order, I hope it gets there soon!

    • Ron Richter says:

      no, it’s not a spring hinge, just a 3 “knuckle”.. not a more standard
      commercial 5 “knuckle”

  4. Glendrick says:

    The hinge is installed upside down too.

    • Ron Richter says:

      i’d call “arguable” on that point.. not all hinges
      have a top “cap” to the hinge “pin”…

      • Glendrick says:

        You can see that the “STANLEY CB” logo on the STANLEY CB1960R hinge is upside down which means it was installed upside down.

      • Glendrick says:

        The logo is upside down which would indicate that hinge has been installed upside down.

  5. Tony Santo says:

    Oh! A “hinge-cord”!

  6. Martin J. Kaywork says:

    If only they thought to add a couple of rubber grommets…I would have reconsidered my F, and given it an F+


    As they say necessity is the mother of invention .lol perhaps it was just a temporary solution until the supplier could get the proper transfer hinge .

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