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Jul 07 2014

50 Articles!

Category: Accessibility,Egress,Fire DoorsLori @ 12:25 am Comments (4)

Late in 2010 when this blog was about a year and a half old, the editor of Doors & Hardware asked if she could publish one of my blog posts in each issue as a monthly column.  Because I feel so strongly that an understanding of code requirements is very important to the door and hardware industry and beyond, of course I said yes!  Each month I write an article about a code issue, which is published in the magazine and also posted on my site.  I have also written articles for Construction Specifier, Locksmith Ledger, Life Safety Digest, and others.

I post the links to each of these on the Articles page of this site, and there are now 50 articles collected there!  That has to be some sort of a record!  When someone asks me a code question, I can often go to that page and find an article that will provide additional background along with my answer.  I hope you all are using the Articles page to find what you need.

In case you are looking for a little summer reading, here are some of my favorites…

What other topics would you like me to cover?  Check out the Articles page and let me know what’s missing!

4 Responses to “50 Articles!”

  1. John Truempy says:

    looks like we need to get you into KeyNotes…. I have a connection wink wink 🙂

  2. Cda says:

    Congrats on 50

    And being a published person

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