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Apr 04 2014

FF: School Cafeteria and Gym

These photos illustrate one school’s “fix” with regard to security on the cafeteria and gymnasium – unfortunately it happens to be completely non-code-compliant.  Assembly and Educational occupancies are required to have panic hardware when there is an occupant load of 50 people or more (2006 International Building Code and later), or 100 people or more (NFPA 101 and 2003 IBC).  When panic hardware is required, the door may not have any other locking or latching device except that released by the panic hardware.

Gym with Panics and Deadbolts  Cafeteria Door with Deadbolt

Thank you to RB Sontag from Allegion for these photos.

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16 Responses to “FF: School Cafeteria and Gym”

  1. Tyler J. Thomas says:

    Wow. On the two most occupied rooms at a school no less.

  2. Logan says:

    I like how no assailant could possibly break through that bulletproof wired glass (can you hear the sarcasm?) Or alternately, they realized that somebody could just punch through the glass so they were thoughtful enough to put on a double cylinder lock, just to be sure nobody could open the door during an emergency.

  3. Paul says:

    I hope that is impact rated wire glass-especially in a gym!

  4. Bill Elliott says:

    What are you doing working on a Sunday? Hope I got the below math question right.

    • Lori says:

      I actually posted that last Friday so I don’t know why the notification went out today. Mysterious!

  5. Andy Lindenberg says:

    I’m surprised no one commented on the wired glass as being extremely dangerous. Whenever I’m working on a Specification for a school project and see something like this, I immediately point it out to the Architect and school Administrator. Almost 100% of the time the glass replacement becomes part of the project.

  6. Fred Collier says:

    I believe the exits are Fire Rated devices?
    There goes a door rating if they are Rated too.

  7. Rich says:

    Are the windows also an add on to the original doors? Way to big for fire rated door unless they are the new super strong fire proof glass.(also sarcasm)

    • Lori says:

      I’m not sure of the history of these doors, but it would not be too much glass for a 45-minute or 20-minute door.

  8. John L says:

    I really enjoy the security of the glass frame with the screws on the secured side. Lori keep up the great work you and this site bring to everyone in the hardware business.


  9. Jack Ostergaard says:

    Von Duprin needs to standardize and market a Classroom Security lockset(L9091) equivalent in exit devices. Cylinder dogging and second locks for standard and rated devices. Especially now that 50 is the occupancy limit for non exit device hardware.

  10. Wayne Ficklin says:

    It pains me to see the problems that are encountered by well-meaning people that don’t understand the implications of their actions. Lori, we’ve talked about my son’s school a few times and the code violations that exist but it seems that no one there cares to hear my pleas. Unfortunately it appears that someone will be hurt before they will listen as always.

    • Lori says:

      It’s really unfortunate, but it seems to be part of human nature. People think “it can’t happen to me.” When something scary happens (ie. Sandy Hook), everyone panics and reacts. But until the tragedy happens nobody listens.

  11. Robert says:

    It is a common problem with this and YES even in CANADA we have this as I just did a large Hotel room doors as one company went in and put same on all the room fire rated doors. Yes we changed every door in the place as it did not meet code and they were not happy. With the large change the AHJ made them update all doors with new code and its sad to say this is common place for some companies to do this on doors that are rated.
    Lucky here that no one got hurt to have to have them changed.

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