Here are some of the news articles that have come across my desk in the last couple of weeks:

One Fort Hood victim barricaded door to save others – USA Today


Fire in the Hall: What Boards Don’t Know About Fire Safety Can Kill People – Habitat

“But the further you are from the fire, [the less you] want to leave the safety of your apartment” — with its fireproof door — “and go into a smoke-filled environment.” 

According to New York City law, this information is supposed to be given to every apartment in every co-op, every condo, every rental building and ever dormitory every year — including a page you stick to the back of each apartment door.

“It’s called the Fire Safety Guide, and it’s mailed out either in October during Fire Prevention Week or in January with the [City’s requisite] window-guard notice,” says Bullock. Co-op / condo boards and managers download the three-part document from the “Residential Fire Safety Guide and Notices” page of the FDNY website.


Framingham fire inspector faces corruption charges – Boston Globe  (This is the town I live in – so disappointing.  🙁 )

A Framingham fire inspector has been indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury on charges of accepting a corrupt gift, falsifying reports in exchange for services, and obstruction, officials said.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office said the indictments allege that Todd Young entered a Framingham body works business on Jan. 17 wearing his Framingham Fire Department uniform.

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