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Jan 29 2014

WW: L’Isle Verte Fire Doors

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These photos leave me Wordless in a different way than the usual WW photos.  This is a great illustration of what a code-compliant fire door can do.  In the foreground of the top photo…the portion of the senior home in L’Isle Verte that is a total loss, with 32 presumed dead.  In the background, the newer portion of the building that suffered little damage and from which the occupants were able to be evacuated.  That portion was reportedly equipped with sprinklers, but without the fire wall and closed/latched fire doors visible in the photo, the fire would not have been compartmentalized as it was.  We will undoubtedly learn more about the specifics as the investigation continues.

L'Isle Verte Fire Wall

L'Isle Verte

Arial View

Photos:  National Post, CP24, CT Post

Thank you to the fire inspector who sent me the link!

3 Responses to “WW: L’Isle Verte Fire Doors”

  1. Cda says:

    Thanks for the overhead shot gives a great perspective

    Once again history repeats

  2. zeke says:

    There is an article in the NY Times today that implies that the portion that did not burn down, did not burn down because it had sprinklers. No mention that the wall and door stopped the fire so the sprinklers were not deployed. True, the part that did burn down did not have the sprinklers and the supposition implied is that it would not have burned down and there would be no loss of life it it had been sprinklered. Wishful thinking!

    • Lori says:

      I read that too. I would love to see some test data on the performance of sprinklers with/without compartmentalization.

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