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Jan 09 2014

Reader Photos and Help Wanted

The photos from readers have piled up in my inbox again – thank you to everyone who has submitted them!  I will post more next week and try to get the pile under control.  I’ve also had a couple of requests for help…

Kelly Corbett of Corbett Lock needs some help replacing a key for this Folger Adam lock.  Any ideas?

Brass Rim Lock



Andrew Harris of Willis Klein is trying to identify the manufacturer of this pocket door lock.  Does it look familiar?



Edge Pull

Pocket Door Lock

Casey Cohorst of Allegion saw yet another creative dogging application…

More Dogging

Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems in Israel sent me this creative solution for a door in a firing range.  This device was added because of the pressure created by the air circulation system, which slams the door closed.

Firing Range

Firing Range

And finally (for now), this photo was tweeted to me (cool!) by David Bishton of Construction Rx.  Do you see any potential issues?

Double Egress Pair

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18 Responses to “Reader Photos and Help Wanted”

  1. Cda says:

    Last photo

    1 if required rated door, listing void

    2 what are the colored windows made of

  2. Rich says:

    OK. I give up. What is all the stuff with the double doors. I am guessing hospital childrens or infant ward. Dual egress. TRO surface device. Mag locks. Keypad on the wall. Lots of weird windows. What are the sex bolts on the left door holding? What rating are they ignoring? What level of non-compliance? Does the door need or have the fire pin in the edge?

    • Lori says:

      Don’t give up! If you guys start giving up, I’ll have to give up too! 🙂

      I blurred out the sign, but it actually looked to be the entrance for a small business / office (although a children’s hospital was my assumption until I looked closer). I don’t know how a business ended up with a double egress door as an entrance, but my questions would be whether both leaves are required for egress (usually they are) and whether they’re fire doors (again, usually they are but maybe not if there was a change of use).

      If both leaves are required for egress then neither leaf can be secured, so the keypad/maglock would be a problem. It’s tough to tell if there’s actually a mag-lock there or just the armature…it kind of looks like just the armature. If they’re fire doors, the fact that the bottom rod has been removed is an issue, unless the door manufacturer has approved a less-bottom-rod modification and the fire pin has been installed if required. If the doors are rated, the lites would be a problem if they were done in the field, and the film on the glass could also be a problem. I’m trying to get more information on film because this is somewhat of a gray area at the moment.

      One door at a time…

  3. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    The first two pics are a conundrum. Never seen a Williamsburg [we call it BillysBurg here] reproduction lock with that finish and associated with Folger Adams. These were normally made by Baldwin so I would try there first. Folger Adam split up and left Joliet years ago. The detention locks went to Southern Steel now known as Southern Folger. HES took all of the electric strike stuff of course. Might take a stab at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Foundation if nothing else works.

    The pocket door lock reminds me of an old National which I doubt is still available. I would try Trimco, Emtek, or Accurate Lock and Hardware in CT for some substitutes.

  4. Eric Hirning says:

    If the bottom pair of doors are fire rated, the windows (?) are too big and if it is signage, that is also too much. Again if they are rated, there is no closer visible.

  5. Cda says:

    Looks like a corridor to me

    With required exiting both ways

  6. Cda says:

    Key replacement Folger Adam, you do not have one in your collection??

    Seems like an old time lock smith could help

  7. John says:

    The green door and frame from Israel appears to have a Mezuzah attached to the frame below the pin and spring.

    • Lori says:

      Yes – I noticed that! I’ll put that on the list for a future blog post – I’ve seen some really beautiful mezuzahs.

  8. Lee Francisco says:

    Looks like the bottom rod has been removed in the field. There is a floor strike still there. This opening appears to be fire rated, the exit doesn’t have a dogging feature, so that means that there are no fire pins installed on the door. Fire pins are required for fire rated pairs that have exit devices less bottom rod.

    • Lori says:

      It’s possible, though not probable, that a fire pin could have been installed when the rod and latch were removed. I just want people to know that this retrofit can be done after the original installation.

      • Lee Francisco says:

        From my experience different wood door manufacturers have different requirements as to how many fire pins are required and the location of the fire pins. Some require them from one leaf to the other, some are required from the bottom of the door to the floor, and some are required in both locations.

  9. bruce young says:

    Lori –
    Pleasants Hardware in Richmond, VA was one of the original dealers for the FA rim locks made to Colonial Williamsburg’s specifications. I believe that FA was licensed to manufacturer the locks. My mentor, Littleton Henry, AHC worked directly with FA and Colonial Williamsburg to facilitate the deal. Lit was working for Tom Jones hardware at the time and had the privilege of working with someone with the Rockefeller family who was sponsoring the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg.
    I would suggest that if you were looking for a bit key for the lock, I would call Pleasants and see if they have any left in stock. The lock shown appears to be a FA #2 rim lock.

  10. Jodie Meyers says:

    Hey Lori,
    Are the pocket door type locks by Merit Metal?

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