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Nov 06 2013

WW: Down at the DMV

I find the Department of Motor Vehicles so frustrating that one year I actually cried because after waiting over an hour they said I didn’t bring the right utility bill.  AND…my car got hit by someone taking his driving test in the parking lot (he failed).  It might have all been worthwhile if I could have spotted an exit at the DMV like this one, sent in by Lisa Augerson of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies.  According to Lisa, the DMV person said they keep it unlocked during business hours.

What do you think?  Acceptable if the bolts are retracted during business hours, or not?  Based on which code section?

DMV Exit

An unrelated request…I am looking for a photo of a door with a mag-lock, sensor, and push button.  All the photos I have seem to be of doors gone wrong.  Can anyone send me a non-blurry photo asap?

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6 Responses to “WW: Down at the DMV”

  1. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    Door opens inward and there is no signage for the additional locksets..

    Lisa! Hey from the old Manchester days!

    • Lori says:

      It’s possible that it is acceptable to open in if the occupant load is less than 50. I’ve seen some small satellite DMV offices that would qualify. If you add signage, the door still doesn’t meet the requirements of that section because it addresses key operated locks.

  2. Cda says:

    Is it a marked exit?

  3. Cda says:

    Slide bolts SHALL come off

    I wonder if the local ahj has say so over State property???

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