Hobbit doors are all the rage right now…you can find hobbit door jewelry, cookies, outlet covers, ice cream sandwiches…I would like a real one.  Not a tiny real one – a 5-footish, round hobbit door with a knob in the middle.  Now I just have to figure out where to put it.  If I made a hobbit hole in the back yard I could hide from the kids in it.

Ancient Hobbit Door - Wiffsmiff23

Photo Credit: Wiffsmiff23 via Flickr

Asian Hobbit Door - Justin Ong

Photo Credit: Justin Ong via Flickr

German Hobbit Door - Jungle Bjorn

Photo Credit: Björn Sahlberg via Flickr

Blue Hobbit Door - Yortw

Photo Credit: Yortw via Flickr

Hobbit Door Gate - sillydesigner

Photo Credit: sillydesigner via Flickr

Hobbit Door in Masonry

Photo Credit: randomwire via Flickr

Yellow Hobbit Door - Yortw

Photo Credit: Yortw via Flickr

All images posted under the Creative Commons license or with permission from the photographer.


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