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May 01 2013

WW: Public Safety Building

Vincent Chestnut of Alpha Locksmith spotted this problem on a visit to a local public safety building.  Not only does the door require two motions to unlatch, the thumbturn on the combination lock doesn’t look like it would be considered accessible.

Public Safety Building



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5 Responses to “WW: Public Safety Building”

  1. Safecrackin Sammy says:


    There are replacement trims that would have given digital access to the exit device and provided one motion egress. I’m sure the Simplex 919 was selected due to its reduced cost.

    The pull handle mounted on the inside of the door says a lot….

    Not sure, but that looks like a Knox Box on the outside of the door. I’m sure there are instructions in it to operate the door to open in an emergency…

    “Press II then IV, then turn key and hop on one foot and pull really hard?

  2. David R. DeFilippo AIA says:

    I guess they want to be safe:). I find it amazing what gets put on doors. What are they trying to secure?

    • Lori says:

      My guess is that they wanted convenient access and this was the solution someone came up with. The key to the lever handle was lost at some point, so the combo lock provides the locking function.

  3. David R. DeFilippo AIA says:

    This must have been done by someone that is clueless to exit requirements! I hope ALPHA fixed the issue-
    I just put a new door in my home. I paid the extra money – smart money- to put an interlocked mortise device – by Emtek. Now when my family needs to get out one stroke of the lever trim also releases the dead bolt.

  4. Ron says:

    i would guess that the closer is not doing its job as they
    seem to have to have a pull handle in the inside of the door..
    maybe the door drags, hinges sag, etc…

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