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May 08 2013

Hang It Up

Any theories about what’s happening here?  Steve Poe from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sent me the photo and we’re perplexed.


24 Responses to “Hang It Up”

  1. Joel Niemi says:

    Reading the sign, perhaps somebody “tied one on”

  2. Khozema Kazi, AHC/FDAI says:

    they have detached the closer arm for some reason and they dont want it to remain free swinging that may cause injury, damage to door & closer, or remain a plaything to hang on, thats why they have tied the loose arm with some robe hook type accessory.

  3. David R DeFilippo says:

    Trying to keep closer from opening until someone can repair it. No scissor to cut rope.
    Or it’s an art project on the tragedy of suicide.

  4. Jess says:

    Hello Lori,

    appears maybe some form of door closer BDSM going on??? this closer must have been a bad boy!(kidding!!)

    ok, what may really be going on, possible the closer broke and they tied it up to prevent people from using the door??

    (wrapping the arms in rope (or a belt) can help with school security to prevent the terrorist from opening the door especially if it’s too late to lock the door (if lock is only accessed from outside the room)

    or maybe because of the loose body and arm disconnected, they don’t want the arm to be waving around and hit someone,

    now what I can see, appears the body screws are loose as well as the 2 screws that secure the arm to the PA arm bracket are missing.

    another reason maybe, no latch to keep the door shut???

    is this an exit door??? I see there’s a drinking while pregnant warning sign, could possibly be a bar? speaking of bars, was the PANIC functional??

    -Jess the door closer doctor

    • Ron Richter says:

      funny jess.. dontcha think locksmiths have enough to deal with being called out in the middle of the nite to deal with folks who ‘misapply fur-lined silver bracelets’ ?

  5. Eric says:

    My first thought was that the poor installation of the closer (far from being level) was causing the arm to drag across the header and the rope was used to pull the arm down to prevent this. However, that wouldn’t explain all the excess wrapped around the body of the closer.
    On the other hand, if one is intelligent enough to come up with this idea to begin with, they probably aren’t smart enough to cut the excess rope and use it as a dogging device for the fire rated exit device in the next room.

  6. Amanda Wilson says:

    I have no idea, people sure are inventive. It could just be a prop from a rodeo themed party that got out of hand!

  7. Gary Conley says:

    Think back to fifth grade science – this is obviously a simple machine (primitive pulley), used to lift a sagging door. This one works on the same basic principle as the “sky hook”, hoisting the door back into alignment using the closer as the force (or in this case the anchor point), the arm as the pulley, and the coat hook as the load. Ingeniously simple.

  8. Richard Leibowitz says:

    Its broken and they ran out of scotch tape?

  9. Chuck says:

    I was an Institutional Locksmith for over twenty-five years, so stuff like this doesn’t surprise me, and that job experience makes this an easy puzzle to solve.

    It would appear that there is only one bolt/screw/fastener holding that closer to the door, and that fastener is on the right side of the closer as we view it in this photo. Without the rope, the weight of the closer pulls the left side of the closer down, which causes the taped-up arm to swing up, which prevents the door from closing shut if opened.
    Some ancillary staff member tied the rope on there to prevent the closer from swinging down. I say ancillary staff because I don’t think a Nurse did this. Their weapon of choice is usually tape or IV tubing, not rope.

  10. Jack Ostergaard says:

    Obviously a Closer at Half Mast in honor of all broken, mis-installed and non-adjusted closers everywhere.

  11. Safecrackin Sammy says:

    You look but you do not see…..

    Closer failure… Improper arm installation of the PA bracket probably accelerated the failure.

    Closer failure caused the angle you see on the closer to allow the arm to hit the header/stop interfering with closing the door.

    Attempted repair number one was the TAPE on the closer arm but apparently it was not succesful.

    Attempt repair number two was the lasso of Roy Rogers to pull the arm down and possibly secure the closer a little more til a real repair is complete.

    Thats a fine looking double bowline knot too Matey… Sharks in the water…. Your in the water… Waters in the water…

  12. Daniel Ferry, AHC says:

    Lori, here is what is really happening here.
    The installer put the PA bracket on the rabbet, not the soffit. He could not get the door to open when attached since the arm kept hitting and dragging on the soffit.
    It was late, so they just tied up the arm so it would not flop back & forth.
    Since they had already tossed the instructions & template, they had to check with someone else as to what is wrong. Just have not made it back to fix it as of yet.

  13. Eric Rieckers says:

    This is one of those rare moments when I’m at a loss for words.

  14. Robert says:

    The downward angle of the closer may indicate that the 2 mount screws have come off -(maybe door not prep for closer or just bad install) rope goes behind the closer so this would say there is clearance and than I have to think there are 2 screws missing. The tape looks like been there for time and rope is to keep closer from falling off door and hurting someone?. Sad to see

  15. Doug McColl says:

    What are those coat hanger hooks doing on the fire door, in the first place?

  16. Rich says:

    It would appear that screwdrivers are weapons and these people failed to pass the background check to posses them so they couldn’t replace the missing screws. The closer was sagging due to the missing screws and swinging the arm up into the top of the jamb and preventing the door from closing. However, the work was done by a real talented individual as can be seen by the use of a triple whoop-de-do hitch with a half twist. As long as they wore protective gloves, the manila rope would not cause splinters and they were safe.

  17. Charlie Hobbs says:

    They just want to make sure that no one try’s to reattach the closer arm unless they are sober.

  18. Terry Crump says:

    Does anybody know that that hardware is just below the sign? It appears to be a similar shape to the cleat that the rope is wrapped around.

  19. Gerald Austin says:

    Obviously a case of insufficient instructions to complete the assembly. I once has a Christmas toy that needed assembly and wisely, the manufacturer had the follow first instruction: “First, pour yourself a cold drink, sit down and completely read these instructions.”

  20. Kent Krauser, AHC says:

    George Bush did it!!

  21. Tbone7770 says:

    This closer is into S&M with bondage and such.

  22. Martin aka LauxMyth says:

    These comment have not been insightful in the least but have been entertaining. If Lori needs a new career, she could work as creative writing coach.

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