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Dec 26 2012

WW: Banquet Room Pair

Category: Egress,Locks & Keys,Wordless WednesdayLori @ 2:28 pm Comments (4)

Some of you will no-doubt recognize these doors if you attend a certain monthly meeting that I attend as often as I can.  The meeting is held in one of several large banquet rooms in a restaurant, and they all have the same hardware installed.  If anyone is NOT sure why this is a problem, read this post.

4 Responses to “WW: Banquet Room Pair”

  1. Justin Ritter says:

    At first, I didn’t think there was a problem, since I didn’t see a way of locking/latching the doors. I thought they were just push/pull, which is allowed in an assembly area. Then I saw the (non-ADA compliant) deadbolts, mounted at the top of the door leafs. That is a scary proposition, if they were locked, and you couldn’t reach to the top to unlock them in a hurry.

  2. Curtis Meskus says:

    a new and inventive use for dead bolts

  3. Richard Leibowitz says:

    2009 IBC Section 1008.1.9.4

  4. Jerry Richmond, AHC/CDC says:

    I’m sure the occupant load would dictate panic hardware. What’s disturbing is that we have “handyman” type small contractors who will actually do this modification without question. (Say, buddy…. are you sure this is alright?) Or without a word of reason or warning. (Gee… you might want to check with the Fire Marsall first and see if this is okay before I do anything.) Also, the kick-down door holders are in conflict with the ICC A117.1 requirement for smooth surface within 10″ of the ground on the push side of the door.
    Obviously, our lives are not valued as much as the silverware at this banquet room.

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