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Aug 03 2012

Coming Soon! Image Search

Category: General InfoLori @ 12:09 pm Comments (25)

I am frequently asked if I have a photo of a particular application.  There are almost 2,500 images on this site, so it’s likely that I do have the photo someone is looking for, but finding it is not easy.  As the number of images grows, it will get worse.

My man-behind-the-curtain and I are currently working on a way to tag each image with a keyword, to allow you to see all of the images of door closers, or panic hardware, or code issues, or beautiful doors, etc.  A photo can have multiple tags, so a door with panic hardware and a deadlock might be tagged with “panic hardware”, “deadlock”, and “code issue.”  Choosing any of those tags will include that image in the search results.

The tricky part seems to be changing tags later on, so I’d like some help from you to establish the right tags before we start tagging.  The challenge is to get specific enough that the quantity of images in one tag category isn’t overwhelming, but not to be overly-specific.  For example, “door closer” might include too many images and make it difficult to look through them all, but I don’t want to get to the level of tagging the photo with the manufacturer and model number.  Maybe “door closer” could be split into surface closer, concealed closer, and floor closer.

Here is a draft list of tags that I’m considering.  I would love your help to determine what other tags should be added.  What did I forget?  Remember…not too specific but specific enough.  I think having a library of photos available in this format would be a really helpful tool, so let’s build it!

automatic operator
closer – surface
closer – concealed
closer – floor
code issue – egress
code issue – fire
code issue – other
creative application
doors gone wrong
electromagnetic lock
flush bolt
gasketing – perimeter
gasketing – door bottom / sweep
gasketing – threshold
lock – cylindrical
lock – deadlock
lock – mortise
lock – other
lock – padlock
lock – strike
magnetic holder
panic hardware – single
panic hardware – pair
pocket door
protection plate
sliding door
stop – wall or floor
stop – overhead

25 Responses to “Coming Soon! Image Search”

  1. Jess says:


    i am glad you just said that, yesterday i was looking through the image gallery looking for a photo of a floor closer (independently hung) that was captioned with “i don’t think this is what the customer had in mind”

    you read my mind Lori!


    • Lori says:

      Not all of the images are in the image gallery so this would allow you to search all of the images on the site. I try to read everyone’s mind and anticipate what they want to find on the site. 🙂

  2. Tom Breese says:

    Does ‘weatherstrip’ want to cover any kind of seal or gasket, interior and exterior? Maybe some differentiation there, since we’re also concerned with smoke / light / sound / draft…

    Nice work! Great resource! TB

    • Lori says:

      I think the number of photos of seals, including sweeps, etc., would be fairly small, so maybe I will change weatherstrip to gasketing or seals so it’s not specific to weatherstrip. Thoughts?

  3. Joel. Niemi says:

    It would probably have a lot of tagged images, but maybe “exit”

  4. Bob Caron says:

    mag holder, mag lock, pocket door, pocket pivot, coordinator, open back strike, overhead stop, overhead holder, anti ligature, wall mount closer, foot pull, time out lock…

    • Lori says:

      I added magnetic holder, electromagnetic lock, pocket door, strike, overhead stop, and anti-ligature.

      I think the pocket pivot images could go in pivots, open back strike could go in strikes, wall-mount closer could go in surface closer, foot pull could go in pulls, and time-out lock could go in whatever type of lock it is.

      I already had coordinator. I’m going to change them to alphabetical order since the list is getting long.

      Thanks for all the great input!

  5. Darren Patton says:

    Awesome!!! We’re unworthy! ty,ty,ty

    • Lori says:

      You’re welcome! Don’t you think this would be handy if we could build up the library? Then when an architect wants to know what something’s going to look like, we can show him!

  6. Alan Itzkowitz says:

    Don’t forget to add “door bottom” and sweeps.

    • Lori says:

      I think that could go into the gasketing category because I don’t have a ton of photos of gasketing and sweeps. What do you think?

  7. Eric Henken says:

    Great stuff! Would “code issue” cover simply “violation”. How about to go along withe beautiful “not in my house” for the other side of the coin.

    • Lori says:

      I think any violation or questionable code problem would go into code issue. My version of “not in my house” is “doors gone wrong.” 🙂

  8. Jim McDonald says:

    AWESOME!!! May I add a link to your site on my firm’s intranet page?

  9. Dave says:

    What about drop down menus? For example you would click on door closers, and a secondary menu would appear allowing you to narrow the choice to specific applications or issues under door closers. I think this might facilitate orderly growth of the library,and allow easier more accurate searches. May be difficult too initialize though.

    Hope you had a happy 29th. Love the self bought presents!

    • Lori says:

      I’m not sure the plug-in has the capability of secondary menus but we’re working on it and I will organize it as well as possible.

  10. Alan Itzkowitz says:

    Lori, I think with the many different types of bottom door gasketing, door bottoms (primarily the automatic type) are their own category.

    • Lori says:

      I will make 2 separate categories if you promise to send me a lot of gasketing and door bottom photos because right now I have hardly any. Once I get my current photos categorized, I’d like to start adding more photos of “normal” stuff so it becomes a useful resource. When I looked for a photo of an LBR exit device I only had photos of “what not to do”, like installing the auxiliary fire pin AND the bottom rods and latches. :\

  11. Jack Ostergaard says:

    Magnetic Locks vs Magnetic Hold Opens (tied to fire alam eg: SEM 7859); Door Operators; Egress Issues

  12. Debbie White says:

    Lori i’ve been waiting to see not just the products, but products actually installed in a building. Meaning if a person wanted to see what the Von Duprin 98NL-OP looks like in 643 finish (finish not so important), it would be nice to be able to show them both inside and outside of the opening. Just a thought…….but one i know several people would like to see.

    • Lori says:

      I would love to have a library of various types of hardware (photos) for people to use…I just need some help with it.

  13. Debbie White says:

    Steelcraft doors.

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