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Jul 19 2012

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Morocco

I mentioned these gigantic doors in an earlier post, but I went back to see them again since we’re in the neighborhood.  The mosque wasn’t open for tours when we were there (the only way non-Muslims can go into a mosque), but I sent my husband in with a camera and he came back with photos of panic hardware.  He’s learning!  🙂

This pigeon gives you an idea of the door thickness:

Here are some other doors at the mosque.  That’s me holding Norah’s hands to keep her from flashing any more Moroccan gang signs, while simultaneously yelling at my son to stop climbing on a handcrafted monument of some sort, and giving Aliya camera instructions.  Multi-tasking may be ruining my brain, but I can’t avoid it.

This is an interior shot of doors made up of tiny glass lites.  I would not want to be responsible for cleaning them!!

Some doors equipped with panic hardware – that’s progress!

I have seen A LOT of cranes in Morocco, including this construction site next to the mosque.

2 Responses to “Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Morocco”

  1. Joaquim Monteiro says:

    Wow those are huge panic devices! Those look like they are over 4 feet wide and the active push portion takes up the entire width of the door? How is that possible, I would think they would bind? Does the whole device pivot on the hinge side of the door? Anyway, more amazing pictures of beautiful doors.

    • Lori says:

      I didn’t see the panic hardware in person so I’m not sure how it worked. Other products I’ve seen where the whole length of the bar is a touchpad have an end-cap that doesn’t move.

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