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Jun 20 2012

WW: Raceway

I received this photo from Nancy Bailey of Girtman & Associates, a division of Bass Security Services.  I’m guessing that the slack in the wire is so that it can be run around the outside of the glass kit.  If this was a fire-rated door, would this method be acceptable?

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  1. B says:

    I believe it would be acceptable, I would think you might want to use plenum rated cable but I question if that would be required.

  2. John says:

    Maybe they did not have a 3′ drill bit.

  3. Dave says:

    If this was done in the field to a fire rated door, wouldn’t it have to be done by a certified raceway installer or taken to a certified door shop so as not to void the rating??

    • Lori says:

      Hi Dave –

      You are correct. NFPA 80 doesn’t address field preparation of a wire raceway as one of the allowable modifications.

  4. Curtis Meskus says:

    we allways drill there, there was no window in the door speck???

  5. Jack Ostergaard says:

    Whose lever handle is that? It looks like an 03 that has been modified. Or the chrome has been worn off exposing the base metal.

  6. Lee Francisco says:

    The lever looks like the Sargent Aventura Series MG lever.

  7. Hal Kelton says:

    In almost all wood doors with “raceway and lite” conflicts, fire rated or not, the wire is run through the outside portion of the lite kit inside the door. Be sure to watch out for those pesky little nails on wood trim kits…

  8. Ray says:

    I think it will void the fire label, I believe you have to prep raceway from the factory or certified shop.
    Beside, how can you run the wire in this setup? Raceway is for “to concealed” the wire, if the wire is exposed…what is the point of concealed?
    why they drill it that high? is that the installer want to catch the hinge on the other side?

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