If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that our annual Fathers Day tradition is to go to Ogunquit, Maine, walk along the Marginal Way, do some shopping, have lunch, and then play on the beach (here are some photos from last year).

While we were there yesterday I saw the doors below, and started thinking about them from an obstruction standpoint.  I was shocked when I noticed that they were fire-rated doors!  If there were ever fire doors that would not properly close in a fire, these are the ones!


My next thought was, “Why are these fire doors anyway?”  There was an exterior door which led to a display area, and then these two pairs of doors leading to one store.  Sometimes labeled doors end up where they’re not required because that’s what someone had in stock, but these doors had electromagnetic hold-opens and fire exit hardware.  I’m not saying that they definitely don’t need to be rated…it just seemed unusual.  Anybody have a theory as to why rated doors would be required here?

Happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers out there, and the future fathers!  😉

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