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Dec 07 2011

WW: Arched Doors

Jeff Tock and Kyle Learch of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies saw these doors right after my post about closers for arched doors, and couldn’t believe the methods being used to get these doors closed. The doors had spring hinges as well.

5 Responses to “WW: Arched Doors”

  1. Annette Paratore says:

    I particularly like the “pumpkin door stop.”

  2. Jess says:

    this is a first, but i guess the ideas are endless when it comes to door closer installation.

    whoever did this, i give them credit for one thing, rephrasing the meaning of a FLOOR CLOSER.

    both are non-ir closers. the smaller one is made overseas and shares its name with a popular power tool company.

    the second one is an american made unit, but not a part of IR, and it’s arm appears to be installed upside down on the shaft, but I’m sure that was done to lower its “profile” (height)

    as for that pumpkin, i hope its out of the arm range of motion, or else it could be crushed or mutilated by the closer’s arm as someone swings the door open.

    closrs+spring hinges, possible the spring hinges are not strong enough or maybe they finally want a solution to the slamming and dampened the motion with the closers.

    this is not the first time i have seen spring hinges and a hydraulic closer used together.

    -Jess the door closer doctor

  3. Hal Kelton says:

    Was the spring hinge I see there part of the original solution or added at a later date to help the closer out?

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