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Mar 17 2011

More Reader Photos

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Still cleaning out the e-mailbox…

This one just in from Ted Wightman of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies…creative “dogging” on a cylindrical lock:

Justin Ritter of ASSA Abloy DSS sent in some photos of a really cool pivoting door at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee.  I found a couple more shots on Flickr that show the door in action and at rest, and am including those with the permission of Victor Soto.  That sure looks like an LCN closer but I’ve never seen the powder coat finish do that, so maybe it was field painted over the powder coating.  If you’re in Milwaukee, check it out and let me know!

The following photos were sent in by Greg Koers of Von Duprin.  The key was attached to the lever control because it was installed on a 2 1/4″ thick door.  Von Duprin can supply this control for a 2 1/4″ door so do not try this at home!

And a couple more from my NYC connection, Andy Olson of Reliable Glass & Door.  If you ask me, the storefront doors look way too much like the storefront…I bet it’s tough to see the exit from the inside.  The stainless steel door is cool…see the tiny inactive leaf?

Thanks everyone!

2 Responses to “More Reader Photos”

  1. Jess says:

    hello Lori,

    It appears that the LCN on the pivoting door, its painted in the feild (someone spray panted it before installation, possible to reduce the price of the closer for any specific colors/finishes during his order, so possible when Justin got it, he painted the arm and cover of a light gray closer black (I notice the arm and cover paint is not the shiny paint like LCN uses, so I know it’s a sprayed on paintjob and used a piece of angle iron as a 5th hole support bracket. I bet if you get permission to (if you ever go to Milwaukee) and remove the cover, I bet the body of that closer is light gray instead of black.

    paint that isn’t covered with a clearcoat or some form of protective coat on it (finish) over a period of time, it will chip, such as seen at the jointed areas of the arm and the hold-open handle on the arm.

    -Jess the door(closer)doctor

    • Lori says:

      Hi Jess –

      Good idea…I just need to get out to Milwaukee so I can look under the cover. LCN uses a powder coat finish, which is extremely durable. I think the dark color was definitely applied in the field. The dark bronze finish would not have cost any extra, and even the 180 “custom” colors that LCN can do are not that expensive.

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