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Sep 08 2010

Old Sturbridge Village

Category: Funky Applications,Push/Pull,StopsLori @ 12:37 am Comments (2)

If you haven’t been to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, you’re missing out on some great old hardware applications.  They recently had an exhibit of antique door pulls, and as soon as my first-grader saw it he said, “Mom!  I think you’re going to want to get out your camera!”  🙂

In addition to the colonial hardware applications, I recently noticed this creative solution to tight clearance which wouldn’t permit the doors to open to 90 degrees.  I find it interesting that the problem was discovered in time to change the brick pattern, but not early enough to increase the opening width.

2 Responses to “Old Sturbridge Village”

  1. hassan says:

    how to solve this problem

    • Lori says:

      Hi Hassan –

      There really isn’t a great solution to this other than making the masonry opening wider which obviously isn’t easy at this point. There should have been some clearance between the backside of the frame and the perpendicular wall. One option would be to use pulls that don’t project so far off the doors, but they would still require enough clearance behind the pull for accessibility. Wide throw hinges would increase the clearance behind the door, but would decrease the clear opening width. I think the solution they chose was probably the best one given the circumstances.

      – Lori

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