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Aug 10 2009

Another Day, Another Zoo…

…Another funky hardware application.

When we visited the zoo in Albany, Georgia, I saw this restroom door with applied wood trim and I thought it was pretty cool how they detailed the trim around the push plate and deadbolt.  Then I went inside and saw the homemade parallel arm shoe mounting bracket – YUCK!

img_1649 img_1650

img_1652 img_1655

And just to prove that I’m not the only crazy mommy who takes photos of her kids posed next to door hardware, this photo was sent in by Tina DeSplinter from LCN.  These closers are mounted on a gate in the Australian Walkabout at her local zoo, and Tina reports that they’re still functioning.  Thanks Tina!


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One Response to “Another Day, Another Zoo…”

  1. Jess says:

    when i thought i have seen it all…….. (zoo photo with 2 storefront style closers on a gate) this one actually made me laugh alittle,

    I see no brand names on the closers, ill take a guess that the silver one is a YALE and the black one a norton 1600 series

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