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Jan 28 2013

More Wired Glass in the News

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A couple of weeks ago I started a series of blog posts about the hazards of traditional wired glass.  I showed you some examples of traditional wired glass installed where it shouldn’t be, and linked to some news reports which described incidents involving traditional wired glass.  In case those didn’t convince you that we have a problem, here are a couple more:

The year was 1983 – I was just old enough to get my driver’s license (go ahead – do the math).  This report, on the dangers of wired glass, appeared on News 7.  Am I the only one who finds it shocking that this product, exposed as hazardous 30 YEARS AGO (or more), is not only still present in existing buildings, but is still sold today?  Note: In this news report you will hear the reporter say that wired glass is acceptable for use in fire doors.  That is no longer true – the codes have been changed.  More on that later.

Still need convincing? How about walking in the shoes of this mom, whose son was permanently disabled by a wired glass injury. There are still more than 2,000 injuries due to traditional wired glass IN SCHOOLS each year, despite the fact that the codes have been successfully changed. Since the child in this mom’s story was injured, there have been more than 24,000 other stories, other families impacted by this product. Why? [Caution: There are some photos of injuries along with the audio.]

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  1. zeke says:


    Visited the Yale Museum of Art in New Haven this past weekend, which just opened with a new addition and renovation of the original structure. The building is 4 stories. You should make it a destination, quite impressive. Sorry no pics.

    However not that safe! The stairwell doors in the older portion are narrow stile aluminum doors with no latching and a full lite of wired glass, just up your alley.

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