An iDigHardware reader recently asked me where to find the resource I highlighted in the post below, because the link wasn’t working.  That’s because the document published by BHMA has been revised, so I have updated the links.  This is a really helpful resource which shows the changes to the IBC over the past 4 editions – including 2024.  Check it out!


Have you ever wondered what changes have been made to the International Building Code (IBC) from one edition to the next?  In the past 20+ years, members of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) have been active participants in the code development process, helping to clarify and modify the codes and standards that apply to door openings.  This work is extremely beneficial to the door and hardware industry, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

John Woestman of BHMA recently showed me an analysis that he put together, which shows changes that affect doors, frames, and hardware.  I knew it would be helpful to iDigHardware readers, so I asked John’s permission to share it here.  I highly recommend that you download it from BHMA’s website for future reference.  Many thanks to John and the rest of the BHMA Codes, Goverment, and Industry Affairs Committee!

IBC Revisions Chart

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