I’ve seen this application hundreds of times, gymnasium fire doors with applied padding to protect the kids when they run into the door at full speed during indoor recess.  But is applied padding allowed when the doors are fire rated?

In my opinion, padding is different from cladding, which I addressed in a previous post.  In that post, I included the information about cladding from Steelcraft’s fire door listings, and flammable padding would not meet the listing requirements.

We checked in with the listing labs, and could not find any fire door that allows the installation of padding like this.  It would not be allowed by NFPA 80 either.  So my question is this…who is approving the use of these pads on fire door assemblies?  Or has (almost) no one noticed?

Have you been involved with similar gym projects?


Padded gym doors

Thank you to Andy Lindenberg of King + King Architects for the photo!

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