Chance Duperreault, a fire inspector in Canada, sent me today’s Wordless Wednesday photos of a fire door assembly that was repaired using screws to fill the existing fastener holes.  NFPA 80 states:

When fastener holes are left in a door or frame due to changes or removal of hardware or plant-ons, the holes shall be repaired by the following methods:

(1) Install steel fasteners that completely fill the holes.
(2) Fill the screw or bolt holes with the same material as the door or frame.
(3) Fill holes with material listed for this use and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures.

Assuming that the screws in the photos are steel, and considering that NFPA 80 doesn’t limit the number of holes or screws, do you think this repair is compliant with the standard?

Repaired fire door

Repaired fire door

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