Swimming pool gateConsidering the specificity of the application, it’s surprising how many Quick Questions come up with regard to pool gates.  Here is a new one:

Is it acceptable by code to supply the dogging feature on panic hardware installed on a door or gate serving a swimming pool enclosure?

The dogging feature on panic hardware is used to hold the latch retracted, allowing push/pull operation.  I wrote an in-depth Decoded article on the updated requirements of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (particularly the mounting height requirements), and I mentioned “self-latching” hardware numerous times.

Here is what the ISPSC Commentary says on the topic:

In my opinion, the dogging feature would not be allowed for pedestrian doors and gates in pool enclosures that must comply with the ISPSC, as the intent of the code is that the door or gate will be closed and latched in order to keep young children from entering the enclosure unaccompanied.  Dogging the panic hardware would result in a door or gate that is no longer self-latching.

What do you think?

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