As many of you know, I have been on the road doing more training lately.  A lot has changed since the days when I lugged my overhead projector and milk crate of cardboard-framed transparencies into architects’ offices, and most of the attendees were only there for the lunch.  When I think back 25 years or so, less attention was focused on the importance of doors for egress, fire protection, or accessibility.

I don’t know exactly how the transition occurred, but I like to think I played a part.  Although we still struggle with non-code-compliant door openings, there is much greater awareness within the design and construction industry and beyond.  Hardware sets in specs and submittals have fewer code issues – like fire doors without door closers.  Locksmiths and installers are questioning whether that added deadbolt is acceptable by code (the answer is usually “no”).  AHJs are taking a closer look at electrified hardware and the intent of the codes.  And…I get requests for training just about every week.  I can’t handle all of them, but luckily I have the ACE Network to help with some of the classes (ACE=Allegion Code Experts).

This fall, I will be in New England to do a few classes, one of which will be at the Yankee Security Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts.  So why is this a Wordless Wednesday post?  Because I am flattered to the point of wordlessness by the article that the Yankee Security Convention shared about me.  An “industry icon and lockstar”??  Just one of many!!

You can read the complete version on their website, but here’s a little excerpt:

Article written by Lori Greene - Codes: Unlocking the Secret to Success

We are all lockstars!  😀

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