Remember the Good Old Days, when I used to go on road trips (and plane trips) and post photos of the doors I saw along the way?  Well, I’m so excited to be able to get back out a bit, and I spent this past weekend in Guanajuato, Mexico for an amazing wedding along with the pre- and post-wedding festivities.  If you are ever in Guanajuato, the Hotel Villa Maria Cristina is fantastic!

This was the entrance door to my hotel room:


Nice, right?  There are just a couple of problems…the light that shines through the vision lights, despite the curtains, and the lack of privacy:


The solution was to add an inner set of partial-height doors that could be used to cover the lights:

This picture was taken looking up from the underside of the inner doors:

For any architects who are reading this and thinking that this could be a great application, I don’t recommend it.  The inner doors were always sitting in a partially-closed position, so every time I entered the room, the lever hit the inner door.  A plastic bumper was added to the inner door to try to prevent that contact, but when the lever was turned it didn’t hit the plastic bumper:



The windows had a similar situation but they were less problematic:


And check out the beautiful elevator doors:



What do you think about the application described in this post?  Are there any ways to improve it?

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