You may or may not have noticed, I have been on vacation with my kids in Guatemala for the last 2 weeks.  I wrote all of my blog posts and articles before I left, caught up as much as I could, and flew off into the sunrise.

During the trip, I answered as many emails as possible, but the last few days I was in the jungle of Tikal, in northern Guatemala.  The internet wasn’t good, the electricity was only on for a few hours in the morning and evening, and the only way to get cell service was to walk 45 minutes through the national park and then climb to the top of the highest Mayan ruin.  Seriously.  The photo at right is me at the top of Temple IV, where I was finally able to visit iDigHardware after setting out at 4:30 a.m., braving the howler monkeys (which sound really scary in case you haven’t heard them), and climbing up the ruin that you can see in the photo below.

Needless to say, I had a backlog of comments to approve and a few emails to answer when I returned to civilization.  I’m still working on catching up, so if I haven’t responded to your email, I will do it today or tomorrow at the latest.  If you don’t receive a reply to your email shortly, feel free to re-send it (sorry – there were hundreds of emails!).

I know that when you have a code question you often need an immediate answer in order to provide the best service to your client and to avoid holding up an order or installation.  I also know that this information can be hard to find and that I’m the go-to person for many of you.  So I want to thank you for your patience and understanding while I recharged my batteries, and to thank my coworkers who took care of some of the questions while I was away (some of these folks are listed here).

And while I’m passing out the thank-you’s, I’d like to acknowledge the community of iDH readers for a couple of other things.  A few weeks ago (when I turned 50), I published a post about my work and asked for feedback on iDigHardware.  There were so many responses that I was not able to thank each of you individually, but please know that I appreciate every comment, suggestion, and compliment.  It amazes me that you will so freely share your thoughts, experience, and insight.  That generosity was on full display in last week’s Fixed-it Friday post.  When I asked if anyone knew what the locking device was designed to be used for, I already knew (hence the post title – FF: Lockout).  I just wondered if you would recognize it.  Obviously, many of you knew exactly what it was, because 61 people took the time to leave a comment and answer the question.  61!

For all of your support, patience, and participation, I thank you.  I promise I will post some doors tomorrow.  😀

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