This Friday, April 15th, our Security in 30 session focuses on research conducted by Allegion exploring the trends and challenges in today’s health care facilities.  Our research peeled back the curtain in the health care market to understand the trends and challenges in today’s facilities. Health care is changing. This study explores the evolution over the past five years.

  • Health care facilities are using technology in new ways to combat the impact of COVID-19.
  • Trends in health care range from the purchasing of door hardware to the implementation of touchless access control and antimicrobial surfaces.
  • Electronic access control adoption is on the rise in hospitals.

This research has been compiled in a report that’s available for download, along with additional resources:

  • 2022 Health Care Trends Report:  A study on how health care facilities are using technology to meet the demands of the changing landscape.
  • Infographic: 7 health care trends impacting today’s facilities:  From the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the rise of electronics, daily operations changed and new technologies were adopted.
  • Video: Top trends in health care today:  From infection control to the rise of access control technologies, find out how health care has changed in the last five years.
  • Video: How the pandemic changed health care facilities:  Our research looked beyond PPE to understand how COVID-19 impacted health care facilities and daily operations.

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Security in 30 | Healthcare Insights in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace
Friday, April 15th, 12:30-1:00PM Eastern

Presented by:  Connie Alexander, Senior Manager for Primary Research & Insights, Allegion 

If you are in the business of Electronic Access Control – Allegion’s Security in 30 webinar series is for you. While anyone is welcome to attend, these sessions were created primarily for integrators and those in the EAC industry.

Health care organizations have managed through a rapid response to the pandemic which has transformed every aspect of healthcare delivery.  Recent research explores the current state of the hospital market, focusing primarily on security initiatives, COVID-19 mitigation and the use of electronic access control to provide safer, healthier buildings.  Join Connie Alexander, Allegion’s Senior Manager for Primary Research & Insights, as she discusses the key findings.

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