I still remember when my old boss asked me to expand my 12-page “CliffsNotes” to the codes and standards adopted in New England, so the booklet could be used across the US.  I was on maternity leave with Kid #2 (the same kid who broke his leg recently), so what else did I have to do with my time, right??

Kid #2 is turning 17 next week, and I have updated the Allegion Code Reference Guide multiple times since the original version.  The current edition is 40 pages long, and includes the door-related changes made to the 2021 model codes.

Similar to iDigHardware.com, I had no idea what a popular resource this guide would become for the door and hardware industry and beyond.  In the days of in-person training, more than a thousand hard copies of the guide were distributed each month!  I know that some trainers are now conducting classes in person, so if the guide would be a good handout for your attendees, you can order printed copies at no charge.

The new version of the guide is available for download now – just visit iDigHardware.com/guide.  Feel free to share this link with your coworkers and others who may benefit from using the guide, and if you need to access it in the future, you can find it on the Tools Menu above.

Note: Please don’t share the PDF directly as I like to keep track of the downloads and to have a list in case there is a revision to the guide.  THANKS!!

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