Today’s Wordless Wednesday photos require a little explanation.  Hopefully, most of you already know that:

  • Stairwell doors are typically fire doors.
  • Fire door assemblies require listed components.
  • An open hole through a fire door is not allowed.
  • Most interior stairwell doors must have a method of opening the door from the stair side, to allow building occupants to find another exit route if the stairwell becomes compromised during a fire (AKA stairwell reentry).

These photos were taken from two sides of a fire-rated stairwell door.  On the push side is a non-listed exit alarm.  To meet the stairwell reentry requirements, an experienced carpenter has drilled a hole through the fire door and installed a handle on the pull side that is connected to the exit alarm.  When someone in the stairwell pulls the handle, it depresses the paddle of the exit alarm, releasing the latch to allow access (also actuating the alarm).

While this does allow building occupants to leave the stairwell, it also voids the label on the fire door assembly.  #wordless #dontdothis

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