Last week’s webinar on code changes affecting classroom security must have resonated with the hundreds of people who attended because my inbox has been flooded.  If you’re one of the 250 people currently waiting for a reply to your email – I’m sorry!  I’ll be working on regaining control over the weekend.

A few follow-up things regarding the webinar:

  • The recording has been posted on the webinars page.  To access it, I just ask that you fill out some information.  This is not so I can send you unsolicited mail – I would just like to know who is watching it (all are welcome!).
  • If you attended the webinar (or listen to the recording), I’d love your feedback!  There is a survey here that will help me plan for the next webinars.
  • The live webinar was eligible for continuing education credits from AIA, DHI, and ICC.  The recording will offer DHI and ICC credit, and there is a spot on the registration form to put your member number so I can record it.  I have an idea about how I might be able to offer AIA credit later in the year for the webinar recordings, so you can mark the form if you’re interested in that.
  • As promised, there are links on the webinars page to all of the resources that I referenced, along with some bonus documents that I may not have specifically mentioned.
  • My next webinar will be on April 16th, and the title is Panic Hardware – When, Where, and Why?  The description is on the webinars page (below the information for Webinar 1) and there are also links to sign up for the morning or afternoon webinar.

Thank you to those who attended the live webinar, and to those who will listen to the recorded version!

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