It’s interesting how often things intersect in my inbox.  Last week, I received the photos below from Mark Kuhn of Allegion. This is a “pod” in an airport, to be used by nursing moms.*  I’ve seen them myself, but the one I looked at only had the keypad lock and did not have the separate deadbolt.

I think it’s really cool that you can download an app to get the keypad code, but I can see why someone would also want privacy.  There are ways to accomplish this with an electrified lock, but it would be more complex than their current system.  On the other hand, the deadbolt technically requires a second operation to unlatch the door, and the model codes do not include an exemption that would specifically allow two operations on this door.  (It’s not one of the problems that keeps me up at night, but it’s an opportunity to talk about unlatching again.)

I also received these photos in my inbox, regarding a question unrelated to the airport pod:

This is a modification to a Falcon D271 deadbolt.  It doesn’t prevent someone from entering, but it would at least alert someone that the pod is occupied.  It doesn’t require a second operation to unlatch the door – turning the lever of the lockset would allow egress.  The deadbolt indicator changes position when the door is opened.

This seems pretty clever and I wonder if any of you have experience with it.  It’s called the CDS-PR1 and it is available from Building Material Specialties in Hillsboro, Oregon (503-640-1886).

What do you think about this deadbolt function?

*Personally, I don’t think nursing moms should feel like they need to go into a pod to nurse their babies, but using a breast pump in public could be a little awkward.  That’s all I’m going to say on that topic.

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