This presentation – WN@TL – School Safety in America: Rhetoric vs Reality – David Perrodin – is well worth a listen, especially the part between 14:13 and 25:57.  It supports what we’ve been talking about for the last 5 years, regarding classroom barricade devices and some of the other products that have been introduced with the promise of keeping students safe.

A few of the points made by Dr. Perrodin:

  • Anybody can become a “school safety expert” – whether or not they have the required experience or knowledge
  • School districts are confused by vendor marketing and products offered
  • Administrators should consult with their insurance carriers
  • Parents are the customers – perceived value is increased student safety, which is priceless
  • Some vendors may take advantage of panicked parents
  • Superintendents feel pressured to purchase untested security measures in fear of losing their jobs
  • Most school safety devices are not required to undergo testing or to be certified
  • Who is liable for unproven “inventions” (like the JustinKase)?

Your thoughts?  Agree or disagree?

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