If you’ve been following along, you know that I just returned from a trip to Italy!  Thanks to decent wifi and the ability to travel with my laptop (remember the old desktop days?), I kept up with your questions pretty well.  My inbox barometer stands at about 50 emails that need my attention, so if you’re one of the 50 people waiting for an answer, thanks for your patience!

As I visited more than a dozen Italian cities, some of my Facebook friends were asking, “Where are the door photos??”  Believe me, I have A LOT, and some of them will be featured in the September issue of Door Security + Safety Magazine.  I will share that article when it’s published, but in the meantime, I have some other interesting “Doors of Italy” to share.

When I was writing specifications, I had a few projects where the architect wanted the doors and frames to be flush with the wall on the push side.  The cost of this application usually resulted in the design being changed to standard doors and frames, but it is not uncommon to see this in Italy.  And to be completely honest, it’s confusing – at least to American tourists.  I saw so many people trying to pull the door open rather than pushing it.  In some cases, they thought the door was locked and waited outside the restroom until someone came along and pushed the door in.

The photos below are from our hotel in Venice.  As you can see, the doors are flush with the corridor wall – they swing into the hotel rooms.  Have you ever specified, supplied, or installed doors like this?  What do you think?


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