It has been frustrating to see schools struggling to address their security needs and sometimes choosing security methods that could negatively impact other aspects of school safety.  There is so much information to share, but it was difficult to reach each school administrator – until the AASA publicized the safety considerations related to school security.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA), represents more than 13,000 local school system leaders throughout the United States.  The organization shares timely information with its members, and advocates on behalf of public education in Washington, DC.  AASA is currently informing their membership about concerns regarding the use of classroom barricade devices.

After recently publishing a guest blog post from the Secure Schools Alliance, the association is sharing an Alliance document which raises awareness of the issues related to life safety – egress and evacuation, fire protection, accessibility, and unauthorized lockdown.  This document is available for anyone to distribute, so feel free to share a link to this post with your colleagues, using the share/save buttons above.

The Alliance guest post on the AASA website is here.

The publication from the Secure Schools Alliance is here.



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