“At around 8:45 p.m., Captain Michael Flot of the New Orleans Fire Department faced an angry crowd of hundreds outside of the Essence Superlounge to tell them they would not be able to see Xscape that night.  ‘This is the worst I’ve ever seen it,’ Flot said.”  “You wouldn’t catch me in the middle of a crowd this tight, even if Elvis had NOT left the building,” said Lori Greene.  “Nope. No way. Never.”

This article has more photos and information.  Great job by the police and fire department.  There were reports of fights and “pandemonium.”  Potential tragedy averted.  What if the egress doors on this venue were equipped with some of the typical Wordless Wednesday or Fixed-it Friday “solutions”?  Identify your exit route before you need it.


In case you missed it, some of the best (worst) Wordless Wednesday photos EVER were posted on Monday.  I couldn’t wait until Wednesday.

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