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Jul 17 2017

Take us with you!

It’s that time of year again, when lots of people go on vacation – remember the road trips I used to drag all of you on?  This summer I’m taking the kids to Guatemala, so I don’t know how many interesting doors we’ll see, but a few of iDigHardware’s readers have already sent me some of their vacation photos.  For the rest of you…if you’d like to share your door-photos, you can upload them here, or email them to me!

H. Michael Hill, Senior Architect, Chinook Systems sent me these photos from Bali.  I MUST go and see these doors for myself!

Lisa Goodwin Robbins of Kalin Associates sent me this photo from her daughter’s trip to Angkor Wat.  Amazing!

And finally (for now), some vacation photos that I can not wait until Wordless Wednesday to share.  These came from Austin Bammann of Central Indiana HardwareNote the bolt cutter hanging to the left of the opening.  🙁

3 Responses to “Take us with you!”

  1. Pete Schifferli says:

    Very scary, where’s the fire marshal?

  2. Bryan McKeehan says:

    Truly amazing, the mechanisms and work arounds that people come up with rather than just fixing the simple latching hardware!

  3. Austin B says:

    What’s really crazy is this store also sold fireworks. No idea why the fire marshal would allow this. Maybe the sign fell down that explained the multiple steps to allow egress. 😉

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