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I love to receive everyone’s photo submissions, but there’s something extra-gratifying when an AHJ not only knows about iDigHardware, but takes the time to send me photos of things that have left him wordless.  Like these Wordless Wednesday photos of “exits” that were sent by Scott Strassburg, a fire prevention officer and instructor for firefighters and fire inspectors.

Because “enquiring minds want to know”…Scott gave me some additional info.

  • The first photo was taken in the service corridor of a mall.  When the AHJ pointed out that there was a problem, the mall rep questioned what was wrong and noted that the exit light was working.  There were sufficient exits without the one in the photo, so the exit sign just had to be removed.
  • The second photo is from a small retail store that had been broken into a few times.  When the AHJ opened the door to check for egress compliance, he found that they had taken care of the security problem.  An exit in this area was required, so a door was added nearby with more secure hardware.
  • The third photo was taken in a newly-remodeled restaurant.  The existing door had disappeared, and the proposed resolution of covering the exit sign with a rag did not fly with the AHJ.  Additional exit signs were added, directing building occupants to other available exits which met the required egress capacity.


Thank you to Scott, and to everyone else…you’re welcome.  😀

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