I was checking out the iDH stats, and I noticed that there have been a few days lately when we’ve almost reached 2,000 visits.  Today could be the day, because I KNOW you will want to share the link to today’s Wordless Wednesday photo which was sent to me by Brent Kiernan of Allegion.

Just hover your cursor over the share/save icon to the right of the post title (^), and share the link to social media or send it to all of your door-loving friends via email.  This one is a doozy, and joins the short list of photos that have made me cry (a little).

Because I know you’ll have questions, here’s a little more info even though it’s Wordless Wednesday.  These doors are in a restaurant/bar, and lead to a patio that is being repaired because of some flood damage.  There is another set of doors leading to the same patio – also blacked out and also with the exit sign illuminated.  IF (and that’s a big IF), the contractor got permission to close these two exits because of the construction, shouldn’t the exit signs be covered too?

If this photo made you say “wow” (or some other expletive), share the link to wow your friends and help iDH reach a new milestone.  🙂


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