Maybe this is cracking me up because it’s the middle of the night…I guess we’ll see if it’s still funny in the morning.

So there’s a Facebook page dedicated to memes about door hinges, and – get this – it has been “liked” by more than 46,000 people.  I have not “liked” it myself, because some of the memes are NSFW, and my kids are exposed to enough profanity and questionable content without adding hinge memes.

But apparently a couple of my FB friends have “liked” the FB page on door hinge memes, because on occasion the memes show up on my FB feed.  And tonight, I saw one that made me look twice:


THAT. IS. MY. FINGER!  My finger is FAMOUS!

I took the photo when I stayed at a really bad hotel in Miami Beach – this was the fire door that led to my hotel room.  And yes – I was fearful about it (you can check out the rest of the photos from that night here).  Now someone has made my finger into a meme.

I guess it was only a matter of time before my finger found fame.  Maybe I should have pursued a career as a hand model.  I mean, just look at this talentAnd the bling!



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